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Transition Radio Industries September 2012
TRTV's RealTalk is a prominent internet media source that creates awareness on the many topics that affect our world today, ranging from health, nutrition, fitness and Gender Confusion.   We welcome your stories of detransition, Redemption, and or anyone who is dealing with breaking free from GD. TRTV features Mark Angelo and Lynna Arielle Cummings with the occasional guest sharing their story, with up to date information and important news. They both have been through many evolutions of their beliefs, self identity and focuses. We are truth seekers and may change our minds and views along the way. Our show demonstrates this through out it's inception. At times we have been pro trans, at other times not so much, as we learn and grow our views and beliefs change. But what does not change is our hearts and love for God, you, ourselves and each other. 

​Mark & Lynna are on a mission to educate regarding trans issues, the importance of health and fitness, and having a close relationship with our creator. TRTV's Real Talk Podcast is an online show that is now focused on helping people realize the importance of loving and accepting self as the true blessing of  the Great I am. No one is born wrong, there is no need to change your body. Be in acceptance, gratitude and peace with whom God made you to be. 

TRTV is a prominent media source for an enlightened community providing an online Talk Show where we interview guests world wide and touch upon important topics that affect the human race.
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