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Transition Radio Industries September 2012

I’ve been zapping hairs since 1986 and I began working with the gender community in 1990. Electrolysis by Kelly Inc began when I started working out of my house. At the time almost all of my clients were transgender. However, when I moved my business to the Oak Park Mall slowly I got more clients, both transgender and the general public.
Over the last 27 years I learned a lot. From other electrologists, experience, attending seminars and doing continuing education. And a lot from just listening to my clients. No two clients are the same, and to treat everyone in the same way doesn't produce the best possible results. I strive to help each client the best way they need.

There hasn't been new research for probes for electrolysis since 1970. I thought that a small change to exposed tip length would make a big difference to comfort when removing shallow hairs. It sounded good to the people at Laurier Instruments who hand make these probes, so they made up a batch of probes that incorporated my ideas and gave them to the electrologist community to try out. The feedback was overwhelmingly, wildly positive and the "Kelly" Tip entered production in 2013.
For the last 20 years I've been a familiar face at Be-All and this September will be my 3rd year in a row at Southern comfort. The reason I go is to educate people on electrolysis, post treatment care and guide them to a good colleague that can help them.
I'm a member of the American Electrology Association and treasurer of the Electrology Association of Illinois. In 1992 I became a member of the Chicago Gender Society also a member of CHI chapter and a life time member of Tri-Ess. Among my recognitions are the CGS Vendor of the year and Outstanding Service awards; also the Chi Chaper Tri-Ess Humanitarian Award.
Now welcome to our show Kelly Morrisy
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