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Transition Radio Industries September 2012
I’m 35 years old and was on testosterone for about six and a half years. I identified as either a transman or “genderqueer” for most of my adult life though I delayed transition, and tried to "cure" myself along the way. I am now in detransition and healthier than ever.

Between ages 12 and 15 I was repeatedly hospitalized in an adolescent psych ward. I had true mental health issues as a survivor of long-term child abuse, but the behavioral focus was on “correcting” my gender presentation. I was forced to wear makeup, dresses, humiliated and shamed for being “masculine”, punished if I did not comply.

I was drugged into compliance at times. I’m absolutely sure I would be a “trans kid” these days, and I’m completely against what I consider the child abuse of “transitioning” children which is NOT an alternative to “reparative” therapy but simply a new form of it.