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Transition Radio Industries was a prominent media source that brings a message of love and acceptance. This was Transition Radio's 'website since 2012.

The domain's registration expired and the new owner wanted to keep the site as it originally was when Mark Angelo Cummings was its host. The content below is just a small example of what was created and shared by Mark Angelo through his journey. FYI: He spent six years generating an all-encompassing online presence via this site about what it means to be trans. To see where he is now read the farmboyz.blogspot article about Mark Angelo / Maritza Cummings at the bottom of this page.

Content is from the site's archived pages and other sources.

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Most of the videos of the interviews that were originally available on this site are no longer playable so we were able to include just one as an example.

Circa 2012-2013

Welcome to we are a prominent media source to support those that are Transgender, Transsexual, Cross Dressers, Gender Non-Conforming, Gender Queer, Gender Questioning individuals and Allies remember there is no such thing as Not Trans Enough

Transition Radio is brought to you by Mark Angelo and Jessica Lynn Cummings.They are a transgender couple, Mark was born biologically a female and transitioned to become a male in 2003, Jessica was born biologically a male and transitioned to become a female in late 2010. They met in early 2012 and it was truly love at first sight. They have an amazing, loving, and unique relationship between them, one like no other. You will not only enjoy the stories that Mark and Jessica share but you will love the chemistry between them as well as the incredible stories from each of their amazing guests.

Mark and Jessica are dedicated advocates in the community and they do it all out of love. They started this platform in 2012 to share not only their stories but to allow other transgender and non-transgender individuals from the LGBTQA community to share their heartfelt stories around world. The name Transition Radio originated for their radio show and has since turned into a very prominent media source to deliver these stories world wide and allowing all of our voices to be heard.

Then in October of 2012 they moved up a notch when they were invited to run their show Transition Radio TV on a live internet television network called Notstr8tv. All of their shows are definitely a learning experience and there is nothing out their quite like Transition Radio. Please join us as our journey will only get better and their is hope so



Circa 2014

TRTV's RealTalk is a prominent internet media source that creates awareness on the many topics that affect our world ranging from health, nutrition, fitness and Spirituality.   We welcome your stories of detransition, Gender Fluidity, and acceptance of who you are. TRTV features Mark Angelo and Lynna Arielle Cummings with the occasional guest sharing their story, with up to date information and important news. Mark and Lynna have been through many evolutions of their beliefs, self identity and focuses. We are truth seekers and may change our minds and views along the way. Our show demonstrates this through out it's inception. At times we have been pro trans, at other times not so much, as we learn and grow our views and beliefs change. But what does not change is our hearts and love for you, ourselves and each other.

Your Host Mark Angelo Cummings was born biologically a female and transitioned to become a male in 2003 and started living as the man he was born to be thus his journey began. He has been an advocate since then being on shows such as the Maury Povich Show, The Montell Williams Show, and El Show De Christina just to name a few. He has been on dozens of Documentaries and hopes to open up hearts and minds of those in and outside of the community.

Transition Radio TV 31 Trans History and Beyond 2013

Your Hostess Jessica Lynn Cummings is Marks fiance she was born biologically a male and has spent 30+ years living a lie. She came out as transgender in 2008 to friends, family, and co-workers although still living as a male everyone now new the truth of who she really was. She started her physical transition by way of HRT in October of 2010 and started living as the woman she was born to be in January of 2011 and thus her journey began.

Mark and Jessica met in a club on May 15, 2012 and joined forces as a couple advocating for transgender rights world wide. Together they were featured on the front page of a major newspaper publication in South Florida called The Sun Sentinel. They were also featured in a segment of The National Geographic Channels Hit Show Taboo Season 10 Episode 2. 

They started this median out of their love for the community. You will enjoy not only the chemistry between Mark and Jessica but will love the heart felt stories of other transgender individuals struggles and successes in transition. Also hear great stories of non-transgender individuals that support the transgender community and movement. Join us today and help us get the word out to the world that WE ARE PEOPLE TOO!!! by letting your voice be heard

UPDATE: Jessica will no longer be hosting the shows, we parted ways.

Mark Angelo was known at one point as a fierce trans advocate, since being with Lynna Mark has attempted de-transition to be accepted by Lynna's kids and family, but they learned that acceptance was not possible.  Mark founded Transition Radio in Sept 2012, and now along with Lynna will promote a healthy and loving life for those in and outside of the lgbt community, helping them see that they don't have to live outside of Love, health and Peace. Everyone deserves love no matter how they express or identify as. 

2015 Transition Radio TV Presents Real Talk With Mark Angelo & Lynnar Arielle: With Special Guest Char

Your New Host Lynna Arielle born biologically a male and transitioned in November of 2013 attempted detransition on Sept 16th of 2016 to reunite with her kids but was not accepted, and she returned to her female expression in November of 2016. She has been in Television production  and has had an extensive career involving camera work in various venues to include music videos, live concerts and televised sporting events. You will enjoy the chemistry between Mark and Lynna and their guests. Mark and Lynna are on a mission to open up hearts and minds and to help their earthy family learn to love themselves unconditionally. TRTV's Real Talk Podcast is an online show that is now focused on helping people realize the importance of loving and accepting self as the true blessing of Source.


Counterpoint by BJM: Raising money for any narrow cast programming is difficult to say the least. So I was surprised but pleased to learn that they had rejected a proposal by AORMS (Association of Online Reputation Management Services) to buy a rotation of 30 second ads for their members. These are shady businesses that will remove an unwanted search result in Google for a fee. If a search for your company is revealing damaging information on page one of Google's search results, like the fraud you committed last year by selling non-existent products or services, it's very likely that one of these companies would be willing to remove that bad result for a fee. There are some ethical suppliers who will not take clients who have harmed others, but the majority will gladly take your money. But this entire industry would not even exist if Google provided an easy way to challenge problem search results with a process for removing private or harmful information. Kudo to TR for recognizing that some services should not be advertised, by anyone. Karma always comes back to you.


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TRTV is a prominent media source for an enlightened community providing an online Talk Show where we interview many guests world wide and touch upon important topics that affect the human race, Love is Law.
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Welcome to our DETRANSITIONING page. Here you will find videos, articles, commentaries on retuning to your original gender and life, to learn to be proud of who you are without changes, to reach out and share your stories, and support those who decide to detransition. If you want to share your detransitioning story or have something you wanted



Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tony Adams / farmboyz.blogspot

F2M Trans Mark Angelo Detransitions Back To Maritza

The trans community can be hostile, volatile and downright dismissive when one of their own embraces an opinion that might be used to support the arguments of their oppressors. That is why widely-followed Mark Angelo Cummings, the Cuban born F2M (female-to-male) transsexual set off a firestorm when he suggested that helping youngsters transition might be misguided, and that his own transitioning might have been a big mistake.

Mark Angelo and Lynna Cummings

His recent detransitioning back to “Maritza” outraged some of his fans, and his controversial stance caused sponsors to dump him. His new wife M2F trans Lynna admits that she is attracted to Mark more than Maritza. If you are rolling your eyes, please wait a moment. This couple is wiser than any headline might lead you to think.

Six years have passed since I wrote about Cummings for South Florida Gay News when he was living in Hollywood, Florida, with his then-wife Violet, and beginning a career as a singer/songwriter. After several years traveling and living in New Mexico, and with a few unsuccessful relationships with men and women behind him, Cummings has returned to Fort Lauderdale with his new wife.  When I ask him if he has continued to write songs and to perform, he seems surprised by the question, and it is clear that he has spent six years generating an all-encompassing online presence in word, image and video about what it means to be trans. That did not leave much time for music.


To be clear, his detransitioning back to female is on hold for the moment as the couple takes this time to settle into Victoria Park and a new phase of their life. You can still follow Cummings’ brutally honest self-presentation on Facebook, on his blog and on his Youtube channel where fans’ tempers sometimes flare.


Cummings did not disguise his very practical reasons for stopping his detransitioning. The money, the icy reception by his parents, the apartment hunt and his wife’s love put a stake through the heart of the freshly reborn Maritza.

Online, he clearly describes his practical decision with these words, “All of the events that took place from pounding the pavements finding an apartment that would be affordable, in a good neighborhood and free from scammers, led to my knowing that detransitioning was not an option for me after all. I felt vulnerable as Maritza and had to use, yes I know, my male privilege to get the job done. It is a jungle out there and unfortunately my alpha nature [as Mark] is needed to be taken seriously and to protect my wife and I during certain situations[…]Nonetheless I don’t regret the 3 months of my attempts to detransition, but in those three months, I quickly learned how much I hated fussing over myself, the make up, the worrying about what I was going to wear, the looking in the mirror and not liking what I saw. In the end, it would take way too much money to detransition and to make things look presentable after 13 years of testosterone and all of the secondary characteristics that it created.  I am who I am, and after all at 51 years of age, I can’t put myself through all of that. I became Mark 13 years ago, and Mark I shall remain.”


Building on those words, I asked Mark who he actually is. He replied, “I am two-spirited. Sometimes the female part of my nature comes to the foreground and sometimes my male side dominates. I think we are all like that to some degree.”


In listening to Mark and Lynna, I find that what separates them from most people is their fearless ability to give expression to what is in their hearts without worrying about the approval of others, and free from the assumption that today’s decision must be monumental or permanent. Gender-presentation seems to be a small part of their deep devotion to each other, and the gifts they give each other are more lavish than their sex organs.


Lynna tells me that soon after their arrival in Fort Lauderdale, Mark brought her to the Wilton Manors bar Alibi. Walking through that door, Mark rejoiced at being in a crowd of gay men and proclaimed them to be his people. Did that moment upset Lynna? Not in the slightest. She shrugs and smiles when she tells me about this. She knows and cherishes her husband to the core. She accepts the entire package that is Mark Angelo and Maritza Cummings without much concern about the wrapping. Glad to have all three of them nearby, I hope Mark will pick up his guitar and write some new songs.



Another enlightening article:


Activists Exposed: The Big Name Behind Their Fight Against Gender Transition

'Ex-Trans' Activists Exposed: The Big Name Behind Their Fight Against Gender Transition

After an investigation spanning six weeks, The Advocate reveals how those few voices arguing against gender transition are finding followers.

By Dawn Ennis
July 17 2015 11:35 AM EDT Updated October 01 2015 3:02 AM EDT

Mark Angelo Cummings — author, former occupational therapist, and social media personality — has been a transgender man for 12 years, but now says he is “ex-trans.” And, with his newlywed wife, he seeks to build a movement against gender transition.

“I have been a member of this community for a very long time,” Cummings tells The Advocate. “I considered myself a very strong advocate in the beginning, trying to educate people regarding this issue.” He cofounded the Internet program Transition Radio with his ex-partner Jessica Lynn Cummings for that express purpose.

Now he says he has a different lesson to teach:

“Educate people that they don’t have to do this, that they can live comfortable in their skin. Instead of gender specialists giving people letters to get hormones and surgery, let’s deal with the real issue they have, which is neurological impairment, mental issues.”

“The body’s not the issue, the brain is,” added Lynna Arielle Lopez Cummings, who married her cohost Thursday. 

In this article, even though Lopez is the third woman in Cummings's life to take his last name, for the purpose of clarity, she is referred to by her maiden name, Lopez.

Lopez, who formerly identified as male-to-female transgender, continues to present in the feminine gender. The Santa Ana, Calif., native and Cummings, a Cuban by birth, live in Silver City, N.M.

“I accept that I was born male,” Lopez tells The Advocate. “I accept that I am biologically male. I accept that I will always be male. That’s immutable. It can’t be altered.”

“The original birth of who we are, I feel, in my opinion, is who we truly are," says Cummings. "The other is another part of us, I think a lot of us have a male and a female side. But those in the trans community tend to want to kill that initial side. And I believe that’s wrong. We should be allowed to present our gender-nonconforming self instead of [being] placed in a box” labeled male or female.

He directed us to use male pronouns here, “since people know me as ‘he’ for the 12 past years." Cummings says he and Lopez now identify  as “two-spirit” or “gender-variant,” saying, “We all have this duality — it’s part of human nature; a male and female energy, something that I believe is very normal, but society doesn’t allow that.” He says he considers that he might be intersex. Online, he also refers to himself as dual gender, using both Mark and his female birth name, Maritza.

Cummings told his story to The Advocate by phone as well in Facebook posts and messages like this one:

“I was a hormonal nightmare growing up, problems with my reproduction organs, intermittent menses (4 times a year), enlarged clitoris, etc."

But Cummings says it was his mind, not his body, that started him down the road to transition, due to what he said was the power of suggestion. As he explained in our interview:

“At 37 years old, I went to an all-women’s resort with an my then ex-partner, and somebody asked me, ‘Hey are you an FTM [female to male]?' Because I was a female bodybuilder and I was in pretty good shape, and I was taking steroids to masculinize me. I had never heard what an FTM was before.

“I went on Google, and then all of a sudden, boom, wow! This is me.

“Who would want to feel as ‘less than’ all your life, being told that being a lesbian is incorrect, not right? Now, all of a sudden it was like, ‘I can be a man and then be looked upon as normal?’ Boom. Power of suggestion.”

On Facebook, Cummings denounced the therapist and surgeon who changed his life in 2003:

“I went on Testosterone, and 5 months later, I had my precious breast and my amazing reproductive organs ripped out of me, all in a quest to be a ‘man.’

“What sane person does this, and what medical professional who swears to do no harm goes along with this diabolical plan? I am sorry but now that I have come to my senses and see what this vile community has become, I see the reason for the vileness and the darkness in its intent.”

He summed up his feelings and the campaign he and Lopez launched in three sentences:

“Gender dysphoria is a lie, I don't expect many to believe me or understand since you are still entrapped in your delusions. A woman can never be a man or visa versa, we can't change biology, and what the medical system has allowed for profit should be shamed and prosecuted.”

“I for one no longer identify as trans,” Cummings tells The Advocate, “because I no longer feel the term trans holds any water. I feel that’s a garbage term. It was coined in the ’90’s as a way to promote a product.”


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